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You can protect your business from burglary and break-ins with the help of complete video surveillance and camera security systems. Connect yourself with Praesidium Security to get the fast, robust, and secured video surveillance networking system. We provide the best security and surveillance cameras that record high-resolution video from the harshest indoor or outdoor environments, monitor them efficiently, and notify you when there’s an emergency. With the help of our effective security and surveillance solutions, you can easily get insights into your business and prevent crimes. Capturing any activity or event will become easy if you rely on our video surveillance systems.

Praesidium Security understands that proper security monitoring systems are the crucial component for your complete security system package. We are proud to be the most experienced company for installing, maintaining, and upgrading a wide range of outdoor video surveillance cameras that meet your business requirements. Whether you’re looking for basic video surveillance systems or complex enterprise-class video surveillance for large business properties, Praesidium Security is the solution for you.


For a comprehensive security setup of a business, video surveillance is necessary. It can be beneficial for determining crimes, helps in providing the key insights into a business and safety. Choosing the right public video surveillance system can be challenging when you don’t know what to look for, but the experts at Praesidium Security can help you out with this.

You can contact Praesidium Security to get the most sophisticated range of security and surveillance cameras for the benefit of your business –

  • Helping you to reduce loss by preventing intrusion from occurring altogether.
  • Aiding in retrieving the incident’s images and video footage.
  • Our security surveillance system promotes a safer environment for your staff and customers.
  • You can know what’s happening around your business premises and improve your security facilities accordingly.
  • With the help of video recording data, you can help your organization increase operational efficiency.

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From small businesses to large, complex infrastructural buildings, Praesidium Security provides high-performing video surveillance solutions at reasonable costs. Our team works with the top industry manufacturers, the most advanced software solutions, the highest quality IP cameras, and the latest technology, to help businesses of all sizes succeed. This all makes Praesidium Security one of the leading video surveillance companies in our market.

The video surveillance system offered by Praesidium Security for complete video surveillance are the best because of several features –

  • Easy to install video surveillance cameras.
  • Possess a variety of security operations for diverse surroundings.
  • Weatherproof security cameras.
  • High-quality security footage throughout the night.
  • Provides video monitoring and alarm verification facility.
  • Vandal-resistant security cameras.
  • Integrated with intrusion and access control system.

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