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Campus security is a prime consideration for parents and students while selecting a school, college, or university. The institution you opted for is not only responsible for educating you but also for protecting and safeguarding the students and staff while living and studying. Therefore, it becomes imperative for every educational establishment to provide a safe learning environment to its students. Campus protection and security have moved higher in educational institutions’ agendas because of the emergence of crime and violence in recent years.

At Praesidium Security, we collaborate with various educational institutions as their partners for campus security projects. We provide trusted, powerful, integrated campus security solutions to create safe and healthier learning environments.

Our high-quality university campus security services provide a single integrated solution to protect people, property, and assets across multiple buildings. We assist our customers by providing a thorough risk assessment regarding coverage in key areas such as hallways, entrances, campus grounds, laboratories, etc.

Complete School Security Risk Assessment And Installation

If you are looking to acquire school and university campus security solutions, you should first get the complete risk assessment from a reliable security provider. At Praesidium Security, we make sure that a proper risk assessment is done before installing the campus’s security camera systems.

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Risk assessment helps know valuable information about the educational institute’s strengths and weaknesses. It allows us to get the campus situation’s blueprint and subsequently save money and other resources in the long run.

We focus on several elements while taking risk assessment procedures for the universities campus. It includes the proper checking of outdoor landscaping, fencing, potential hiding places for criminals, surrounding areas of the campus, internal campus patrol, parking areas, electronic systems, etc. We take a proactive approach to your security challenges and design and implement solutions keeping your specific goals in mind. Praesidium Security makes every possible way to help schools, colleges, & universities to integrate the best school security services for 100% protection. Moreover, our team ensures that all the upgrades and installations are provided with minimal disruption to daily campus life.

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Safer Campuses Are Protected By A Complete Solution

Praesidium Security is working extensively to provide an integrated camera security system to protect and secure educational institutes. We provide the institutes with a user-friendly security camera interface that can handle bulk programming easily and saves time.

Our strong camera security setups provide the campus with proper monitoring and help in avoiding any suspicious activities, vandalism, or threats. At Praesidium Security, we make sure that every safety measure follows a well-thought system.

We follow the proper functional management system, which features ID detection, informative database, secured classrooms, automatic door access, etc.

The campus security system by Praesidium is known for its complete and reliable solutions –

• 24 hours video recording and monitoring cameras
• Easy to handle biometric and electronic access control
• Complete intrusion detection solutions for protecting the campus building
• Alert warning system to deal with the emergencies like a fight, smoke, fire, vandalize property or sneak off campus, etc.

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