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For every organization, security is an important aspect to look for in creating a safe environment. So, depending upon the organization’s nature, a thoughtful security protocol should be made for emergency purposes. Organizations use a wide spectrum of reliable physical access controls to protect from illegal remote access. Praesidium Security is here to offer an incomparable experience for access control security systems. We assist a variety of businesses with the design, installation, and service of high-quality access control systems.

Our team offers specially designed physical access controllers to restrict or allow access to a certain area or building. We are experienced access control system installers who you can count on for your security system needs, at reasonable rates.

We are a certified security business company with in-depth experience in security and communications. Our service’s main focus is on providing the highest quality security to businesses of all sized. Supported industries include; hospitals, laboratories, banks, investment firms, insurance agencies, law offices, government facilities, universities, cannabis dispensaries, and more. As a leading access control system provider, we offer sophisticated solutions including smart card authentication, advanced biometric security features, and multi-technology setups for effective identification at all administrative levels.

Keep Your Valuables Safe & Secure

At Praesidium Security’s our mission is to help you find the best solutions to keep your valuables secure. Depending upon your organization’s infrastructure & the need, we provide you with the right software and hardware setup for a security access system. The access controllers by Praesidium Security are suitable for keeping your organization away from vandalism, theft, and trespassing. Moreover, this system will help in facilitating higher levels of security and protection to your organization. Unlike physical barriers like retaining walls, fences, or strategic landscaping, the proxy access control procedure helps control who, how, and when a person can gain entry.

Ideal Access System Controllers: Praesidium Security

The access control system by Praesidium Security is based on state-of-the-art technology with a variety of options, including contactless or touches card readers and complete entry systems software. The access controllers by Praesidium Security are the ideal solution for keeping your business and organizations safe. Praesidium Security provides options for software or web-based management application, for easy management of the access control security system.

Our physical and logical access control systems comprises of several major components –

• Our security control systems give access to the entrance point, including security gates, turnstiles, and door locks for a better-secured space.
• The physical access controllers by Praesidium Security also require a user to have identification credentials to access the data.
• Praesidium Security offers a keypad or biometric reader for all the users (such as a fingerprint scan, facial ID, or retina scan). For this, the user has to enter their PIN or complete a scan before obtaining access.
• Our logical access control system also provides the facility to check the received credential data and verifies whether it’s valid or not. If the credential data is not approved, the user will not be able to gain entry.
• Depending upon your organization and the system, we provide you with the server for controlling the access. The regular system maintenance and software updates on the server help protect against hacking or other security breaches.

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