About Praesidium
Security, Inc.

About Praesidium Security, Inc.

We at Presidium are a local and veteran owned business that is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and valuable, customizable security packages to businesses and universities or schools. Our professional posses over 25 years of  knowledge and experience in the fields of security, communications, and electrical contracting. We promise to work hard in keeping your business or university/school protected from crimes such as theft, vandalism, or any other threats to the safety of your staff and/or students. Our focus is on providing the best defensive protection to help your business or university/school in continuing to focus on growth and what you do best, while we take on the burden of guarding and defending your assets, staff, and other important assets.

Our company contains knowledgeable and experienced staff that will guide you in the best protection for you business or educational organization.

We serve both businesses and universities/schools in protecting staff, students, assets, and important documents form theft or other crime.

Our company is a locally owned and independent business who is dedicated to helping guard businesses and educational institutions.

You business or university/school will have state-of-the-art security systems supplied with the latest technology to monitor either place when you’re there or away.

Want To Keep your Business or University/School Safe?

Schedule a free security consultation to learn more about how our security services can help your business or educational organization in defending your assets and building, staff and students, and other important components.

Security FAQ

This would really depend on the industry you are in and what your specific security needs are. However, many businesses can benefit from access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection as basics.

Absolutely! Schools are responsible for the safety of their staff and students. You want to ensure everyone on the property is authorized to be there to prevent potential crimes from occurring.

Cameras placed either in your business or education facility will be placed in areas that will not infringe on the employees’ or students’ rights to privacy. Areas such as bathrooms, changing rooms, etc. will not have any cameras.

There are a number of benefits to having a security system for your business or educational organization. One is having the peace-of-mind that your equipment and other assets will be protected along with your staff and/or students. Your facility will also be protected from crimes, even those committed by your own employees.

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